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So hey I have a question. Is Ghirahim’s left ear like, not pointed outward? Is his right one just sticking waaaay out there? Because I feel like we should be able to see his left ear through his hair, but we can’t. So is it just pressed flat against his head???

I mean look:


And then his demon form has both his ears pointing out so like? 


Someone please explain this to me.

i think they just made that ear shorter in his first form because it was easier to animate his hair without his ear sticking through it 




I believe it has something to do with the polygons that create his figure. I don’t think it’s possible for one polygon (the ear) to go through another (the hair) without something messing up. Like ghirarinku said, it’s probably easier to animate without glitching


just adding

Allow me to solve the mystery. I’ve personally ripped Ghirahim from skyward sword and played around with his model. Ghirahim’s hair fringe Is one solid chunk on that side and it is rigged in two or three spots. His ear is short on that side so it doesn’t clip right through one of the bones in his hair. It would cause a bunch of lovely problems.

Long story short, Ghirahim’s ear is short for aesthetic purposes regarding his hair cut and it’s animation.

I wish they did play it up more, though— put a nik in Demise’s sword or something.